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 About  Master Ali dehghani sheeva(shiva)  http://www.alidehghanisheeva.blogfa.com/

 i am  preseident and promotion and match maker of

iranian  UFC iran  president ...... www.ufciran.com  (ENG)     or   www.ufciran.ir  (persian)
World AFC president   ....... www.ancientfc.sub.ir (ENG)  www.ancientfc.blogfa.com (persian)
 iranian MMA president    www.mixedmartialarts.ir  (ENG)  www.mmairan.blogfa.com (persian)

 iranian Vale Tudo  president .... www.valetudo.ir  (ENG)  or   www.valetudo.blogfa.com

  iranian  Grappling  President... www.grappling.ir   (ENG) or    www.grappling.blogfa.com


 iranian Free Fighting   ................. www.freefighting.sub.ir


iranian Street Fighting president  ........  www.streetfightingiran.blogfa.com



All My  iranian  Events


 iranian UFC part 1 at 2004  unitil iranian UFC part 10 at 2012


iranian Vale Tudo 1 at 2006 until iranian Vale tudo 4 at 2012


 iranian AFC part 1 at 2006 until iranian AFC part 3 at 2012




All My  international  Events


 World Grappling Championship2007 Antalya City Turkish Country (i fight)


 World Free Fighting Championship   Turkish Country 2007 (My team)


 Wold kick Boxing Championship 2007   Turkish Country  (My team)



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Ali dehghani sheeva

Hamedan city
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Mobile :  +98 918817016







Jeff Sherwood rolled solo Wednesday on the Sherdog Radio Network to discuss the latest in mixed martial arts

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